How To

Here’s how to participate in the Teen Summer Reading Program.


You may register in person at the Teen circulation desk on or after Saturday, June 23rd.

Once you’re registered for Summer Reading then you can call to register for programs.

You must be entering grades 6-12 to participate.

Those entering grade 5-8 may “double dip” and participate in both the Children’s and Teen programs.

Fifth graders must first register for the Children’s program.  Grades 6-8 must first register for the Teen program.

If you want to “double dip” you must register for both programs.


Now all you have to do is read, read, read!

Read books, graphic novels, magazines, e-readers, etc.  Or listen to audiobooks.

For every hour you read, you will receive one ticket you can use towards the weekly prize drawings. You can choose to participate in each weekly drawing, or save your tickets for future drawings.

Fill out one Teen Reading Log for every hour you read and put it in the weekly prize box.

The Teen Summer Reading program operates on the honor system.

That means you keep track of how many hours you’re reading.

Simply take the correct number of tickets (one for each hour) and fill them out.

We don’t need to see a list of hours or check anything off.  It’s up to you!


Registration is required for all programs.

You may call to register for individual programs after you’re initially registered for Summer Reading.

We will call to remind you that you’re registered for a program.

Please let us know if you can’t attend.  There is usually a waiting list, so be courteous to others.


Various gift cards will be the weekly prizes.

Check out the list of weekly prizes so you can plan your strategy.

You do not have to be present to win.

Please remember to clearly include your first and last name and a phone number on each reading log.

We will pull the ticket and call winner at 5:30 pm each Friday during Summer Reading. The only exception is the last day of Summer Reading. Tickets are due by 12 pm NOON on Friday, August 17th.

For additional information and any questions, stop by the Teen Dept. or call 203-262-0626 ext. 110.


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